Category: Extra Bonus

New Incentive Plan for Patpat from April 8th to April 28th

Patpat’s new incentive plan will begin on April 15th.  Patpat will calculate your total sale value in the past week(08/04-14/04) in order to differentiate your sales levels. If your sales growth reaches Patpat’s reward level during April 15th to April 21st, please contact Patpat in advance. Here are the details:  Level 1: For affiliates who create sale value Read more

Incentive Plan for Red Magic Mars from April 4th to April 17th

Great News! The Red Magic Mars new arrival (Camo / 10GB+256 version) is available now. We will provide an incentive campaign for promoting the red magic mars phone and boost your sales. Campaign with the following conditions: Event time: April 4th – April 17th Commission increase to 4% from 3% 30€ bonus if you have 5 orders or more Brand bidding Read more

Incentive Plan for Black Shark 2 Launch

Great News! The Black Shark 2 Global Version is ready to sale on EU&UK store at CET 18:00 28th March. We will provide an incentive plan for promoting the new phone and boost sales. Event time:28 March – 4 April. Commission increase to 4% from 3% per conversion order. If your valid transaction orders≥10, Get extra bonus: 50€. Brand-bidding will be Read more

Incentive Plan for Patpat from March 21st to April 21st

Exciting news! Each of our affiliates will have a great opportunity to win bonuses from Patpat’s new incentive plan.  Here are the details: Patpat’s incentive plan will divide into three stages:  The first stage period is March 21st to April 7th. The second stage period is April 8th to April 21st. The last stage is according to the levels to reward the bonus(Point B will be Read more