Incentive Plan for Black Shark 2 Launch

Great News! The Black Shark 2 Global Version is ready to sale on EU&UK store at CET 18:00 28th March. We will provide an incentive plan for promoting the new phone and boost sales.
Event time:28 March – 4 April.
Commission increase to 4% from 3% per conversion order.
If your valid transaction orders≥10, Get extra bonus: 50€.
Brand-bidding will be allowed on all platforms, except Google, Facebook, and Twitch.
Black Shark 2 Landing Page Link:
Black Shark 2 Price:



After open sales, the top 100 users who purchase Black Shark 2 will receive a free Gamepad 2.0 kit worth €79. The kit includes a second-generation gamepad and a Black Shark 2 slide-out protective case.

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