Alongfit Extra Bonus for Black Friday: Up to $1500!

Great News! Each of you will have a great opportunity to win bonuses from our program Alongfit as they have launched an incentive plan for Black Friday. This incentive plan is applicable to the Affiliate Program of Kemimoto/BougeRV/Joytutus/Alongfit.

Here are the details:

                 Black Friday Incentive Plan
Sales Amount Base(X)
Nov.18- Nov.24
Sale goal(Y)
Bonus to Win($)
$0≤X≤$100 Reach at least $300 $15
Reach at least $1000 $50
$100≤X≤$300 Y-X>500 $15
Y-X>1000 $50
Y-X>2500 $80
$300≤X≤$800 Y-X>800 $30
Y-X>1500 $60
Y-X>4000 $150
$800≤X≤$2000 Y-X>1000 $50
Y-X>2000 $100
Y-X>6000 $300
$2000≤X≤$5000 Y-X>2000 $100
Y-X>4000 $150
Y-X>15000 $500
X>$5000 Y-X>4000 $150
Y-X>10000 $400
Y-X>30000 $1,500


1. Alongfit will use the sales amount between Nov. 18 to Nov. 24 @UTC 23:59 to count the incentive plan. If you hit a level sales target between Nov.25 to Dec.1 @UTC 23:59, you win a bonus for that level.

2. Participation Deadline: Nov. 24 @UTC 23:59

3. This incentive plan doesn’t apply to publishers who cooperate with additional cost. 

4. All the bonuses will be sent before Dec. 4th.

Let’s earn more money together! Join this plan now!

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