Cupshe Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 3%-4.5%!

Cupshe was founded in 2015 by a team that celebrates the beach lifestyle; a faithful few who dared to believe that beautifully designed swimwear and apparel didn’t have to cost a fortune. What started with a few simple bathing suits evolved into a brand loved by people in more than 100 countries across the globe. Cupshe inspires people to celebrate the moment. From swimwear to dresses, everything it does is designed to help you feel great in the moments that matter most.


  • Base Commission: 3%

When sales are greater than $100,000.00, Commission: 4.5%

  • Fashion and Beauty
  • 30 days tracking cookie


  • Bidding on brand/trademark terms is not allowed Tenders for derivatives of brand/trademark terms are not allowed Extensive bidding under brand/trademark terms is not allowed Allows bidding against competitors based on brand/trademark terms Direct connections are not allowed Brand names are not allowed in displayed web addresses Brand names are not allowed in headlines and copies of advertisements

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