Keto Origin IN Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 19%!

Ketto enables individuals and organizations to crowdfund for causes that are closest to their hearts. It aims to mobilize the online community to bring about direct and effective change to social and medical causes. Ketto makes online giving and fundraising easy and safe. It enables non-profits & individuals to widen their reach and raise funds while empowering individuals to be leaders and change-makers within them.


  • Commission: 19%
  • Online Services
  • 30 days tracking cookie


  • Forbidden Cashback
  • Forbidden PopUp / ClickUnder
  • Forbidden SEM
  • Forbidden Doorway pages
  • Allowed E-Mail-Marketing
  • Forbidden Brand-Bidding
  • Forbidden Social Media
  • Forbidden Incentive
  • Forbidden Toolbar
  • Forbidden Adult
  • Banner-teaser networks Allowed
  • YouTube Channel Allowed

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