Newchic Commission Increased For 6th Anniversary Sale!

August 25th-August 31st is Newchic 6th Anniversary Sale, we will adjust the commission. Meanwhile, all publishers will have a great opportunity to earn more money during this time:

– From August 12th to August 31st, all webmaster commissions 19%.
– From August 25th to August 28th, the commission for new webmasters is 46%
(The new webmaster is: a new webmaster who joined in August or an existing webmaster who has not brought order in the past three months.)

The support we need:
– Advertising space (display package): We can offer higher commissions in exchange for display space.
– Promotion of your agency (official social media channels, newsletter, etc.)

Hurry up and seize the great opportunity to earn more money, we are willing to help you optimize and improve the sale against the Newchic affiliate program.

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