GVM LED Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 5%!

GVM LED is a company for professional videographers and photographers offering a vast collection of LED lighting kits, ring lighting series, camera slider collection, along with its accessories. Their products are used for making professional quality videos and photos. GVM LED aims to bring new and advanced technology products for you.


  • Commission: 5%
  • Computer & Electronics
  • 30┬ádays tracking cookie


  • Allow bidding on brand/trademark termsAllow bidding for derivatives of brand/trademark terms;
    Allow extensive bidding based on brand/trademark terms;
    Allow competitors to bid based on brand/trademark terms;
    Allow direct connection;
    Allow brand name in display URL;
    Allow brand name in headline and ad copy
  • List of prohibited keywords:
    “led lights”, “video light”, “photography”, “filming”, “director”, “lighting”
    List of allowed keywords:
    “led lights”, “video light”, “photography”, “filming”, “director”, “lighting”

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