New advertiser Gifair is online with an amazing payout 10% (US Only)!

Gifair is the brainchild and continuation of GiGadgets. Starting as a social media channel dedicated to bringing ingenious tech products to the mass, they quickly grew GiGadgets to the top tech publisher on Facebook. GiFair aims to provide gadgets of the highest quality, coolest design, and cleverest application to their customer. They only ship orders to the USA country.


  • Commission:  10%
  • 90 days tracking cookie
  • AOV is up to $150


You are allowed to bid on any Trademark or {Trademark + (keyword)} or misspellings thereof.
You are allowed to use the display URLs in any search engines.
You are allowed to direct link.
You are allowed to use name), or https://(merchant name) as your display URL.

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If you have any questions or need anything, please contact us at <[email protected]>.