Koandaily Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 10% (Exclusive)!

Koandaily is an affordable fashion brand, made for everyone. Their clothing was created by their very own independent designer, Koan, whose goal is to create high-quality items for all kinds of people. For businesswomen, for housewives, for fashionistas, for everyone who finds their financials as important as their style. Building your personal style using KOANDAILY creations means building your wardrobe with designer’s clothes without break the bank anymore.


  • The exclusive merchant provides exclusive codes only for Mopubi publisher
  • Commission: 10%
  • 30 days tracking cookie


  • You are not allowed to bid on trademarks or variation of trademarks;
  • You are only allowed to bid on trademark + “coupon”;
  • Any other keywords are Forbidden.

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