New Advertiser Cosmetic America Is Online with an Amazing Payout 4.8%!

Cosmetic America is a retail company specializing in brand name skin care products and fragrances. The store also offers samplers and testers at further discounted prices. Customers have reviewed Cosmetic America positively for providing hassle-free transactions and excellent overall services.


  • Commission: 4.8%
  • 45 days tracking cookie
  • Free US shipping $65+


“Trademark Policy”,
We love PPC Search publishers but please do not bid on our trademarked terms (like CosmeticAmerica”,”Cosmetic
America”,” or variants thereof.
Publishers may use ‘CosmeticAmerica’ in their display URL (
Publishers may not call themselves “Official Site” within their campaign.
Please note that violators risk losing all unpaid commissions and termination of their CosmeticAmerica relationship. (Wholesale purchases are not eligible for affiliate commission.).

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