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Learn new tech skills, languages, hobbies, and more with online courses from expert instructors at Udemy. Access a library of more than 45,000 classes from anywhere, and complete courses at your own pace.


  • Commission: 12%
  • 7 days tracking cookie
  • 100,000 online courses Explore a variety of fresh topics


  • List of prohibited keywords:
    “Any TM + Bidding (Udemy”,”Udemys”,”Uedmy”,” or all misspelled versions of our name)”
  • List of allowed keywords:
    “The only keyword open to selected affiliates is ‘Udemy Coupon’. Our team selects the affiliates we allow to bid for ‘Udemy coupon’ so if you see paid ads for this keyword”,”it is approved by our team. We are not taking new affiliates to do paid search for now”.

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