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Red Magic is a gaming smartphone online store. They are constantly improving the hardware and software of  the smartphone so as to provide customers with the best mobile gaming experience.

Now Their new device – Red Magic Mars is available for Pre-order. We’ve launched an exciting affiliate program with very simple rules: Join Mopubi, then share our link and get the word out on your channel website. You get 3% commission for every Red Magic phone purchase made through the link you share. Also, 90-day cookies help you increase the probability of sales conversions.

Here are the product and campaign details for your reference:


The Mars marks a new generation of gaming smartphone for its awesome new features. It has touch-sensitive shoulder buttons, dedicated Red Magic Game Space, 4D haptic technology and multi-dimensional cooling function. And of course, the RGB LED strip this time is more customizable.


We have exclusive deals for early supporters. You can uncover the Pre-order Reward Crates packed with goodies to boost revenue. The incentive is $/€/£10 off the full price.
For those who love a game of chance — this pre-ordering invites customers into a Refund Roulette, which means when the pre-order ends, 5 lucky orders will be chosen for a full refund at random.

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Pre-orders are available in the US, Canada, EU, and UK.

Red Magic Mars Affiliate Program Price

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