Geekbuying Increases Commission Rate to 6% with Extra Bonus!

Geekbuying increases the commission from 4% to 6% in November. And we are happy to inform you that Geekbuying has adjusted its policy for the promotion: YES TM+!

Meanwhile, Geekbuying launches its November Incentive Policy. All of you will have a great opportunity to win a bonus. Here are the details:

Gross Sales=X
Incentive All Affiliate Platforms Sales/Month One Time Bonus
A All Affiliates X≥$5000 $50
B All Affiliates X≥$10000 $100
C All Affiliates X≥$20000 $200
D All Affiliates X≥$30000 $300
E All Affiliates X≥$40000 $400
F All Affiliates X≥$50000 $500

Hurry up and seize the great opportunity to earn more money, we are willing to help you optimize and improve the sale against the Geekbuying affiliate program.


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