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Pricing for Advertisers

Setup Fee


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One-time Network Sign Up Fee

Once you have signed up for an account, there is aan initial escrow deposit of $1000.

The only costs are used to pay out our publishers when commissions are earned. We started this network with the belief that advertisers of all sizes should be able to take full advantage of all of the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Transaction Fee


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Network Transaction Fee

Mopubi is a low-cost option for your affiliate program; we only charge 20% of what you pay your publishers. For example, if you pay your publishers $10 per conversion, then we'll only charge a minimal 20% fee of $2, per conversion.

Tech Service Fee


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Tech Service Fee

After joining our affiliate marketing platform, you have to install the platform's tracking code so that you can monitor all orders generated through the platform.

Why Advertisers Choose Us?

Focus Audience

Promote your goods and services to your target audience and pay only for target actions such as sales, applications and sign-ups.

Diverse Partners

Diverse affiliate partners with huge traffic which will give you maximum coverage of your target audience and boost your sales.

Real-Time Tracking

We offer real-time tracking.You will know as soon as a page is clicked and a sale is brought and a sale is generated.

Professional Servitce

Best-in-class account management with strategic recommendations to grow your business.

Why Publishers Choose Us?

More Revenue

Our platform tools make sure you track all effective traffic channels, improve your conversion rate and boost your revenue.

Reliable Payment

Real-time access to your data and transactions. Get your commissions paid monthly without any delay.

Competitive Programs

Using our exclusive offers, high conversion rate and attractive advertiser deals, you can make serious money with Mopubi.

Better Communication

We will spend more time in communicating with you in order to generate better conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start affiliate marketing?

If you are ready to harvest the benefits of affiliate marketing for your brand, sign up to join us.

As an advertiser, what should I know before I sign up?

After sign up, you should also provide the promotion campaign. The main purpose is to attract more publishers to help you promote your activities and bring more traffic to your website.

As a publisher, how do I submit my payment information?

To submit your payment information, please click here.

What method of payments does Mopubi accept?

We pay out our affiliates via PayPal or Wire based on your choice.

Is there a withdrawal threshold?

Yes. Once your commission reaches $100, you can withdraw your affiliate revenues via the payment information you submit.

If I have any other problem, how can I contact you?

For any support you want, feel free to send email to us via support@mopubi.com.

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