Month: November 2020

Lulalis Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 8%!

Lulalis was headquartered in Taiwan under the brand VDVD. It has trade and service organizations all over the world. It entered China to set up a factory in 1995 and currently has a global R&D center, OEM product development center, CNAS national certification laboratory in Kunshan, Jiangsu, and Taipei Electronic Product R&D Center. PROGRAM BENEFITS Read more

Akzent DE Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 4%!

Akzent Hotels are a “class of its own” for more than 30 years. Akzent has succeeded in firmly entrenching the awareness for the highest quality of hotel’s services in all Akzent Hotels while retaining the personal touch and individuality of every hotel, which is affected by its owner. PROGRAM BENEFITS Commission: 4% Online Service 30 Read more

Ostin RU Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 8%!

O’STIN is comfortable online shopping and more than 720 retail stores. For 17 years they have been producing casual clothes for any situation, season, and weather, helping customers create their own, unique image. PROGRAM BENEFITS Commission: 8% Clothing & Footwear & Accessories 30 days tracking cookie PPC POLICY NO TM, NO TM+ Join the Program

Techport RU Affiliate Program With Incredible Earning 7%!

Techport RU is the largest hypermarket of household appliances and household goods. Here you can choose from 500,000 products of household appliances, electronics, furniture, and many others. The team are professionals in their field. They are always happy to advise you and answer all your questions. PROGRAM BENEFITS Commission: 7% Household Appliances & Electronics Read more

Lilicloth Affiliate Program Policy Adjustment: YES TM+!

Happy to inform you that Lilicloth has adjusted its policy and allows using these keywords and combinations for the promotion: Lilicloth + Coupon Lilicloth + Voucher Lilicloth + Cashback Any other keyword combinations apart from the above are not allowed to use for promotion.   Join the Program

Lovelywholesale Increases Commission Rate to 12% and Exclusive Policy!

Lovelywholesale increases the commission to 12% from 11% in November for all publishers and allows using these keywords and combinations for the promotion: lovelywholesale promo code lovelywholesale discount code lovelywholesale voucher lovelywholesale voucher code lovelywholesale coupon lovelywholesale coupon code lovelywholesale code lovelywholesale coupon lovelywholesale coupons We are happy to help you optimize and improve the sales against Read more